Donation Program





Our first charity was Santa Clause, Inc in Ontario


Victoria S. won the GRAND PRIZE- a $100 Precision Gym gift certificate.  


Many others won prizes from these generous people:


Marcia Norsworthy

Avon Donation

Marcia's Avon Site



Daphne Davis

Tupperware Donation

Daphne's Site



Coach Darné

AHH BBQ Sauce Donation

Darne's BBQ Site


A special THANK YOU to the above individuals for their generous donation and support.






May  2011

 To Our Precision Family and Friends:

 We are very excited about a new program here at Precision Gymnastics which we feel has the possibility of greatly benefiting those in need.  Every quarter Precision will highlight a different charity (it will be a 501 –C3 organization).  For each donation that has a value of $10 or greater, you will receive a raffle ticket.  Each quarter, we will draw a ticket and the winner will receive a $100 gift certificate to spend in any way they choose at Precision.  Additionally, Precision will match cash donations made to the charity up to the first $100.  If you prefer to donate cash, please see the front desk for details.