Field Trips & Fundraising




Attention Scout Leaders!

Precision Gymnastics offers a one hour class specifically designed to meet the requirements to earn your scout badge.  We even provide the patch!  Please call us at (909) 483-8161 for pricing details and to schedule your scout trip.

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Do you belong to a Moms' Group?

We offer an exciting one hour class for you, too!  Your children will experience our foam-filled "pit", 60ft. long trampoline and much more!  Your little ones will be sure to leave tired, but with with smiles on their faces.  How can you go wrong?  They might even take a nap when you get home.  Please call us at (909) 483-8161 for pricing details and to schedule your field trip.

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Precision Gymnastics would like to help you raise money for your school!  This is how we plan to increase your schoolís funds:  Precision Gymnastics will host a Family Fundraising Night on a Saturday night (ask us about Fridays too).  It will be open to all your school's students & their families.  Children ages walking to 18 years old are allowed on the equipment.  Your school will determine the entry fee for your families and your school can expect to earn

AT LEAST 50% of the money paid by your families to Precision Gymnastics.



Letís suppose that your school has 350 students/family members participate in this event at $5.00 per participant. 


350 participants x $5.00each=$1,750.


$1,750 income/ 50% = $875 profit for your school!


$875 in just a few, short, exciting, playful hours at Precision Gymnastics!




Not only will your students receive a fun, exciting workout in a safe, family-oriented facility, but your school will earn money too!





Hurry!  Availability is limited!

For more information, answers to questions, or to schedule your school's Family Night,

call us at (909) 483-8161.